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What children and parents have to say.


“My daughter did the course for 6 - 10 year olds and I highly recommend it. The skills

they learn will help throughout their lives. We teach our kids to read, write, play sport,

dance, do maths etc - yet so much of their success in life also depends on their emotional

development and skills. These courses provide great practical input and will help with their confidence. Thank you!"

"I was nervous before playing my guitar in front of the whole school so I used my deep breathing and it really helped.”  -  Ben, 8

“When the other team was bullying our team today, I used my breathing and visualisation and it worked!" Justin, 9 years

After a soccer match in which some boys lost their temper: “Why don’t you teach those boys what you taught me?” -  Noah, 9

“I really enjoyed how relaxed I felt after I did the muscular relaxation.”  - Iris, 7

“ When somebody is being rude to me, I focus my thoughts on something that made me happy.” - Justin, 10

"Emma-Jane really enjoyed yesterday and says she can’t wait for next week. She used her belly breathing when doing her daily eye exercises, which she gets fed up doing! and then at bed time."

"Sarah just completed this course, and I have to say that it was really VERY good. Worth every cent…. She has learned some fabulous life skills and techniques, that even I have benefited from. I use my ‘worry box’ regularly now. I really liked the content, but more than that – the methodology,….. the way the facilitators worked with the children… I highly recommend it, if not now, then in the future…."


“I learned that I am unique and different and that even if I like one thing and someone else likes another, I don’t have to pretend to like what they like.”   -  Taeya, 12

“What had the most meaning for me was sharing our experiences and realising that I am not alone.”  -  Ashley, 12

“I liked this group because I could say anything and not be embarrassed.”

“This has changed my life, thank you!” - Talitha, 13

“Thanks so much again for such a special experience. Jemima told me on Sunday night after our day together that she felt ‘relieved’ and that  it was no longer  awkward’ to talk about things....questions about growing up that I never even thought she had yet!  It really has created a wonderful new openness in our mom/daughter relationship and she has chatted to me so openly about all the questions about growing up that she must have been holding in for so long, unbeknown to me!”

"My boy and girl twins have both done the courses! Kiara absolutely loved the Girls Who Can course and she grew and learnt so much together with her friends. She was so well prepared for menstruation when it happened and her transition into womanhood has been so beautiful and special. Its been an honour to be part of a larger community of women and girls too with whom we can share our experiences with. Kiara also had one on one sessions with Michelle when times were tough and she received amazing support and comfort during these sessions! A big thank you to Michelle!"

"For the first time I felt I had a chance to express my feelings without feeling nervous.” Kiara, 12

"I enjoyed this group as all the girls were here for me.” Anna-Leah, 12

"I learned that you should always be yourself and you’ll make good friendships.” Yianoula, 11

"I am more aware of how I see myself now.” Steph, 13

“I learned that sometimes people on social media aren’t who they say they are.” Leah, 11


“The course has taught me how to belly breath with I am angry and calm my emotions and not get so angry" - Daniel, 13

"My dad lives far away so its really nice to have Matt and Gov to talk to about stuff, 'cos I am usually surrounded by girls."  - Gabriel, 13

“I learnt to express my emotions and not be scared to say how I feel"  - Sam, 12

"Luca just loves it and it has been a huge support for him. He did resist it at first but that changed after the 1st day. Now he is very sad its going to be ending soon! I am deeply grateful for what your offering for kids, WELL DONE! May it grow from strength to strength!"

“I am a single mother of boy and girl twins and they have both done the courses! Gabriel has benefited enormously from the Boys Who Can Course, he knows how to set boundaries, take a stand, say no and feel confident within himself to do so! He loved having male role models to share and work with 'guy stuff' that only guys understand! Gabriel also had one on one sessions with Michelle which also helped him tremendously when he was being bullied at school! I am so grateful to Michelle, Matt and Gov for being part of Gabriel's transformation into adolescence - thanks guys!"

“Sometimes parents are too busy to listen so it was really nice to have someone to share the stuff I had been holding onto for a long time.”  -  Shane, 11

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